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them feel better by letting them know that you're there for them and that it's okay and they shouldn't have gotten picked on. >> i think that's a great because they do need to know that they're not alone like you said. isabella, great job. fantastic work on what you're doing. . and jon griffin, appreciate you both coming on this morning. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. from cnn headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn sunday morning." power and protests. furious demonstrators take to tahrir square as president morsi rewrites the rules. push my children and i will
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stab you. >> the holiday shopping season has object just begun. and what is mother earth's real age? marco rubio says he doesn't know. bill nye the science guy. -- captions by vitac -- it is sunday, november 25th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. we begin with the protests in egypt. over night protesters clashed with security forces. this was the scene in dammanhour north of cry row. reza sayah joining us. when can we expect the big one to start? >> reporter: the big one starts tuesday. they're calling for a 1 million
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main protest on tuesday. that's going to repeat calling for opponents of mr. morsi. but even today there are pro-morsi demonstrated takes place. they're going to be take place in cities outside of cairo. in some of these cities you have anti-morsi protesters as well. we've seen clashes in the early morning hours. they're going to attack the offices of the muslim brotherhood, supporters of the muslim brotherhood. things getting ugly there. the focal point of these anti-government protests remain here in ta rears square. i'm going to step aside to give you a live like look of what tahrir square looks like.
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most of them peaceful but we're still getting clashes and protests. right below they have set fire to an avis rental car center. you heard what sounded like a stun grenade. >> what you see here, they're fighting and police areighting back, throwing rocks and stun agree yads. >> any other fallout besides the fallout and the demonstrations, reza? >> plenty of fallouts from this, ran randi. first off we should tell you that the judges club here in egypt has called for a nationwide judges strike. remember, many judges support mr. morsi. they're working against mr. morsi.
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one of the leading pro-democracy activists here. he spoke to reporters today and he called for mr. morsi to rescind all his controversial decrees and also the stock market today in egypt. this was the first day of trading after the decrees were announced on thursday, randy, and the stock market is plummeting. so keep your eyes on that. if that continues, more pressure on mr. morsi. >> reza sayah for us in cairo. thank you. one person is injured after being injured in a fire at a state department. it started in some ductwork. construction cruise working in the building put out the fire. a big animal rescue operation to tell you about. firefighters found 65 dogs chained up needing food at
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water. it's believed they were kept for illegal dog fighting. they have been turned over to animal rescue and are at emergency shelters awaiting adoption now. all of the pushing and shoving that imkay long. you've seen the images. now hear the sounds of the holiday shopping season. that is just hard to watch. i mean what a rowdy start, right, for that crowd as thousands catched out and crowded around their favorite stores in searches of deals. it was so chaotic for one manager she told people she didn't want to open for business. the shopping business connected off with several retailers opening at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. but now that the hustle and bustle and elbow throwing is all over, did it help them rake in any green? one shows that foot traffic
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increased but that total sales actually fell because of shoppers who hit the stores on thanksgiving day. we'll leadership more today as the national retail federation issues the results of its black friday shopping survey. and now that you're done with the black friday shopping and you've probably had your last plate of leftovers, maybe it's time to go home. about 2.4 million people will be packing airports today on one of the biggest travel days of the year and here to help navigate us through it is nick valencia. >> the airports, they're busy. 2.4 million people. it's a busy hold season and even more people are traveling this year. believe it or not, i was surprised by that, rehab di. aaa says more are traveling even though ticket prices are higher.
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they're trying to save on jet fuel. some of the busiest airports that we'll seeing traffic, places like chicago o'hare, san francisco rounding out the top five, laguardia and boston, logan. 6 chicago and l.a.x. have gone back and forth, but it's bessier out there. what about the roads? how do those look? >> we'll see a lot of people come blaining. we receive a lot of reports about car rentals being very, very difficult. car rentals got scooped up. so now as people prepare to travel on traffic they find it very difficult. having said that many are traveling between wednesday and sunday. a lot of people are i troog to find alternative ways home, buses, cars, trans.
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stay safe out there. >> did you ever travel on thaf thanksgiving? >> i did. it's tough for us to go back home as journalists. >> news never stops. >> right. >> was it a tough commute? >> it was pretty tough. i ee going home on chrome this time around an i'm not looking forward to that. >> we'll call you up. all right, nick. thank you very much for that update. her name has been mengsd as a possible successor to hillary clinton as secretary of state, but before she can be confirmed, u.n. ambassador susan rice has some convincing to do. these smartphones come with a bonus $100 walmart gift card?
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and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. and good morning, new york. glad you're waking up with us here on "cnn sunday morning." nice to have you with us.
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nice to see the city come alive in these early hours. happy sunday, everybody. not qualified, not very bright, just some of the criticism level that u.n. ambassador susan rice by senator john mccain in the wake of the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. and this past week rice responded. >> i have a great respect for senator mccain and his service to our country. i always have and i always will. i do think that some of the statements he made about me have been unfounded but i look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him. >> will rice get the chance to discuss the issue with mccain during confirmation hearings to be the next secretary of state? not if the arizona secretary of state and others can help it. jason, good morning. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> you say that ambassador rice
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is just the latest cabinet official to issue a cabinet's point of view. what do you feel is behind all of this controversy? >> i think in political science we have a term called sore loserdom. the republican party, they're still unhappy about losing the election of 2012, many are still unhappy with president obama's presidency and that's where you're seeing the temper t tantrum. the anger and the vitriol against her seems incon grew is with what she actually did in an article about rice's potential to succeed clinton, he wrote while news came hour behalf she touched down in the region, the sequence of events is the vivid reminder of the statute clinton has gained in the job.
4:15 am
she's been obama's go-to gal in any crisis. she's been given international praise for much of her work over the last four years but with her departure looming how much will they have replacing her and what will that transition look like? >> i think it will be a difficult transition. you have so many dirchltd things going on. i don't think it's possible to fill hillary clinton's shoes. i don't think there's anyone in the current administration who can match her. i think what barack obama is doing is trying to find somebody who matches his philosophy and that right now is susan rise. >> and there's no chance that hillary clinton will stay on, right? she need as break. >> she need as break. there's something that might be
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looming four years down the road but we certainly know right now she's planning on leaving the white house. >> let me ask you about illinois congressman jesse jackson announcing his early retirement. there's been a whole lot of talk about republican soul searching. is this a chance for the party to pick up a seat in the minority district? >> i definitely think so. look, whenever you have a congressman leave because of a scandal, you saw it in new york. i think the democratic party has really taken a hit. there are a lot of people who were unhappy with jesse jackson's tenure even before his truss. >> jaz about johnson, night to see you this morning. you too. >> how old is the big blue planet we're all living on?
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welcome back to "cnn sunday morning." take a look at this. if you're traveling today, well, that's a nice calming picture of hartsfield-jackson airport in atlanta. the sun's just coming up. but 2.4 million people expectinged to be flying around out there today. one of the busiest travel days of the year and according to aaa.
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happy travels today, everybody. a controversial statement by a rising star in the republican party grabbed headlines this week. florida senator marco rubio who is a practicing catholic tried to walk the line between science and faith-based creationism. here's what he told gq. at the end of the day i think there are multiple theories and this i think this is what people should teach them all. i'm not sure we'll ever be able to answer that. this weekend i asked famed television scientist bill nye how old he thinks the earth is? >> 4 1/2, 4.5, 4 billion years old. so there are certain elements that were created in exploding
4:22 am
stars, especially the big bang, and we rely on those elements for our everyday life in order to have the quality of life we have. but the idea is certain elements change from one element to another. the verb is they transmute and the classic is our good friend australian thee yum becomes row bit yum. and you can look at this ratio. the half lisle is 48.8 billion years. this is measured in laboratories. sometimes they will observe it for 15 years to get it exactly right. then you work backward to the age of the rocks. let me say about mr. rubio's comment, you stop there about opposing theories but he went on to claim that there's no connection between our scientific understanding of the age of the earth and the
4:23 am
economy. >> let me direct you there. let me disript you there and read you that quote because this was another part of his answer to gk saying that's a dispute among theologans and it has to do with with the economic comment or the united states. i think the age of the universe has zero to do with hour our economy is going to grow. what do you make of this. >> the reason we have smartphones and televisions is we're able to talk on opposite sides of the content. the classic thing for me is smoke detectors. we understand the nuclear reactions. without that deep understanding we wouldn't have everything that you can touch and see in our viern. so this claim that has nothing
4:24 am
to do with the economy is just wrong. i'm not going after anybody's religion. that's not it. just the earth is not six or 10,000 years old. that's not. and furthermore, we rely on this -- on these discoveries for our everyday life, especially here in the developed world. >> bill nye's opinion there. one trucker is lucky to be alive. take a look. that truck is dangling over a highway overpass. we will tell you what happened. wow. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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welcome back. 27 minutes past the hour. here's a check on some of our stories. there were a number of people injured in this clash between the demonstrators and members of the muslim brotherhood in dammann hor. they fooip fired stun grenades at the protesters. in the portsland, grorngs suburb of beaverton, a close call on a highway overpass. take a look. what they found was this. that red truck dangling over the edge there over the bridge and the driver believe it or not was still inside. fire crews securet the truck in place while they released him with a basket. police say alcohol may have been a factor. thick black smoke bill lowed
4:29 am
off a beach saturday when an 80-foot yacht went up in flames. the coast guard said they were about to board the boat as part of a routine inspection. a fire boat arrived to help put out the flames. even who was on board jumped into the water. they were taken in for police questioni questioni questioning. in entertainment news larry hagman passed away. a make shift memorial popped up on the side of his star on the holiday walk of fame, others went to the site. a happy ending for one victim in a massive multicar wreck in texas. take a look here. damian ortiz was reunited with his puppy beau who ran off
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